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The tr-APPs Rate Monitor is a free mobile/web-based application that provides you with helpful tools for staying current in the commercial real estate market and helps you communicate with your mortgage broker .

When you connect to a tr-APPs powered mortgage professional, you will get relevant announcements and easy access to experts in your area.

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Keep track of movements in interest rates for commercial real estate mortgages. Rate Information (Index and Spreads) is provided for loans of selected fixed-rate terms.
An easy and straightforward way to get all the loan calculations you need in one place. Quickly calculate: Annual and Monthly P+I, Loan Constant, Balance at Maturity, Full Loan Amortization Table. If you like to play “What-If?” - try the Compare feature to run side-by-side comparisons for two sets of loan assumptions.
Follow the news that matters to you most. User defined settings allow you to keep in touch with the latest market information - local, regional and national.
Need to monitor changes in the market? This Alert feature allows you to define thresholds for changes in US Treasury Bond Yields and receive a notification when you need to know which way the market is moving.
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